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At the Athletic Training Institute we utilize best practices from scientific research in human performance to provide a first-class environment for athletes and adults of all fitness levels.

Muscle Activation Technique

Decrease Injuries

Correct muscle imbalances in the body for injury recovery and prevention.

Progressive Resistance

Improve Performance

Science-based techniques to increase performance and decrease injury.


Reduce inflammation

Tools that decrease inflammation to increase health and performance.


For 25 years the Athletic Training institute has been serving clients in the Seattle area. We are a dedicated facility for athletes, with an emphasis on preventing injuries and optimizing your full movement potential, not just treating your injury.

Whether you engage in general fitness, play sports at the amateur or professional level, or are rehabbing an injury, we have innovative technologies for maximizing performance while minimizing injury.



The Athletic Institute is different from regular gyms and fitness centers. It is a place for exercise enthusiasts and athletes who want to increase performance and prevent the occurrence of injury.

Clients come to ATI for the customized, state-of-the-art equipment, professional coaches, sports science-backed programs, and a supportive environment where all are welcome.


what our athletes are saying

MAT has given me significant and lasting relief.

“I have been working with Kirk for over 3 years. Prior to seeing him, I had dealt with several baseball and weight lifting-related injuries that caused me pain and discomfort in my low back/SI joint, neck, and shoulder. MAT has given me significant and lasting relief from these injuries that no other treatment was able to accomplish! For anyone suffering from chronic pain and inflammation, there is no therapy I have found that 1) relieves this pain, 2) restores range of motion and movement capacity, and 3) improves performance to the degree that MAT does.”

Stuart Fairchild

Arizona Diamondbacks

MAT has been utilized in our athletic training room for nearly 12 years.

“MAT has been utilized in our athletic training room for nearly 12 years. We have found that the specific skills that are deployed with the techniques are perfect for our very tough cases. MAT is not a cure-all and must be prescribed specifically and individually. Terry has done a wonderful job, not only educating our players about this, but also being flexible around their busy schedules. He also reiterates that MAT is not a “cure-all”, which makes me more of a believer in his methods. I am always wary of a clinician that feels that they can fix everything with one technique. Terry has built trust that he will not waste our time or money doing something that is not indicated. He truly wants to help people get to where they need to be and is happy to be part of that process.”

David Stricklin, MS, LAT, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer in Professional Football

In my own job coaching pro athletes, I refer to Kirk every time I need expertise.

“I first came to ATI in 2004, since then I’ve seen a consistent relentless pursuit to help people, whether it is finding the best new ways to treat or train or being a knowledgeable resource to assist. In my own job coaching pro athletes, I refer to Kirk every time I need expertise. We’ve sent dozens of our athletes to ATI for MAT and we’ve had a positive result and a great experience every single time. It flat out works, period. It doesn’t matter what the injury is or the history of the person/athlete: Kirk and his crew will find the solution. I can’t recommend them enough, there isn’t a place you can go to that will give you the results ATI does.”

Cody Atkinson

Hitting Coordinator Texas Rangers

I've used MAT to recover quicker from injuries.

"When consistently getting my treatments I see an improvement in my speed and explosiveness on the gridiron. I've used it to recover quicker from injuries. You never want your muscles compensating for another, so Terry always makes sure I'm firing properly from all cylinders to be ready to go on game day!"

KJ Wright

11 year Professional Football player, Seattle Seahawks & Las Vegas Raiders Pro Bowl selection, Super Bowl Champion, Walter Peyton Man Of the Year Selection

I've used MAT for years now!

"I've used MAT for years now! MAT has been a crucial part of my career, keeping me healthy and performing on the field for 12 years now. Last 2 years, Terry and I have built up routines that were crucial to allowing me to consistently perform Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays."

Carlos Dunlap

Professional Football player, 12 years, 2x Pro Bowl selection

Kirk cured every injury and pain that I had.

"Kirk’s MAT treatment is the best. I started about a year ago because I am in my 50’s and pretty active and I want to stay that way. Kirk cured every injury and pain that I had: frozen shoulder, low back pain and pain in both hips. Now I see him regularly just to make sure I stay this way. I am now able to bike ride every day, run a few times a week, snowboard multiple days in a row, and surf all without any problems or pain whatsoever."

James Gooding

Senior Trial Counsel and Shareholder GLP Attorneys

Each MAT treatment feels like I’m bulletproof-ing my body.

“Personally, each MAT treatment feels like I’m bulletproof-ing my body for the wear and tear the season brings. MAT treatments make me feel stronger right away and allows me to continue to train hard and grow during the season. For a professional athlete, being on the field consistently might be more important than anything and MAT will help you achieve that.”

Bobby Dalbec

Boston Red Sox

MAT helps me reduce unnecessary injury risks.

“MAT addresses a need in my recovery routine, specifically, taking my body out of any compensation patterns it has been pushed into. This helps me reduce unnecessary injury risks. Furthermore, MAT helps me strengthen the correct patterns, so that more and more stress is needed to force me into any compensation pattern. The state that MAT puts me in for the time following a session is one of freedom of movement and of growth. I look forward to continuing to work with Kirk!”

Corbin Carrol

Arizona Diamondbacks

I have been amazed at the gains in range of motion as well as strength built up.

“Having dealt with many injuries throughout my amateur/professional career, I have tried most rehab/physical therapy methods to overcome and prevent injuries. I discovered MAT in 2009. In regards to the throwing arm and how much stress that motion puts on our bodies, I have been amazed at the gains in range of motion as well as strength built up through activating and stabilizing that ROM. My arm strength and durability has increased over the years and has allowed me to concentrate on proper arm action without fear of compensation and/or risk of injury. It is a great checks and balances system throughout the grind of a full professional season as well as an important tool in my off-season training program as I prepare my body for the season.”

Travis Snider


Getting MAT helped me get back to the field quicker.

"The biggest challenge I was facing before diving into MAT was coming back from a 5th metatarsal stress fracture that I had surgery on and needed my nervous system to be acting to the best of its ability to recover post-surgery. Getting MAT helped me get back to the field quicker and come back after 12 weeks like I hadn’t missed any time. Body was functioning better than it was and everything was firing on all cylinders. I would encourage all athletes to give MAT a look, especially those looking for an edge, as it can help you re-establish your ceiling and optimize your performance to an even higher level."

Josh Jung

Texas Rangers

Kirk and MAT have kept here going in a healthy pain-free way.

Tessa is a highly competitive dancer with scoliosis that Kirk and MAT have kept here going in a healthy pain-free way. She had times when she was growing up that she could hardly walk, with her knee, hip, and back pain. She tried PT with minimal help…. However, after a Kirk tune-up she would be back to normal functioning and able to perform and compete. Tessa has worked with Kirk on and off as needed for over 4 years. It has allowed her to continue to be a physically healthy dancer.

Kristi Cosper Shriver

Seattle, WA

Nothing had worked to ease my chronic pain. MAT did.

"​I came to MAT in 2018 after four years of chronic pain in my back, hips, knees, and feet. I was in constant pain, taking multiple pain medications and struggling just to make it through each day. I had seen dozens of PTs and countless others in specialties claiming to be able to ease chronic pain. Nothing worked. MAT did. I started feeling better within a month or two of beginning to work with my MAT therapist, and now, almost four years after those first sessions, I can honestly say that I’m not just better—I’m in the best shape of my life."

Adam Smith

Seattle, WA

MAT was an important part of my training.

"MAT was an important part of my training while playing and I still use the principles today. It improved my understanding of how the body works and I was able to maintain function and large range of motions during strenuous movements and long seasons."

Steve Hauschka

Professional Football player, 12 years, Super Bowl Champion

Working with Kirk at ATI has become a very significant part of my athletic success.

"Working with Kirk at ATI has become a very significant part of my athletic success and physical well-being. Working with him and doing MAT helped ensure that, during and after my rehab process of a lingering injury I was experiencing, muscle function of and around the injured area was proper. It has helped my mobility, my strength, and most of all, it has helped me recover fully and without any recurrence—and it was a back injury which I dealt with for around two years. Doing MAT and working with Kirk really was a huge help for me, and it continues to be an integral part of my athletic endeavors. I would recommend Kirk to anyone with physical performance goals or problems because he can definitely help you. He is a true professional, and just a great guy!"

Eli Trop

University of Pennsylvania

MAT will bring you to the next level.

"Prior to being introduced to MAT, I struggled with recurring injuries, muscle strains, and lower back issues. As a lifelong athlete, these were constantly impacting my ability to consistently exercise and perform at a high level. In addition to these nagging injuries, I had several reparative surgeries and have metal plates in my wrist and shoulder.

Being introduced to MAT changed my life. The ATI team was able to identify the root cause of muscle performance and imbalance issues and systematically address them. One by one, we identified issues and addressed them. I was able to see improvements and strength increases in real-time. With MAT, my strength levels, exercise thresholds, and body mobility are at the levels of my 20-year-old self.  Not only was the pain and recurring injuries addressed with MAT, my overall strength levels, explosiveness, and agility are at record highs. At 52, I’m snow skiing, waterskiing, wake surfing, and pole vaulting with no pain or limitations.

If you are on the fence about MAT, you owe it to yourself to try it. It is the highest return investment you can make on your body. Whether you are a young athlete or an older person who enjoys being active, MAT will bring you to the next level. In addition to this, the ATI team is the most positive, knowledgeable, caring, and well-respected group of practitioners you will find."

Karl Westby

Engineer, lifelong athlete, coach

"MAT is a great way for me to keep my body healthy and recover from injuries."

Ethan Pocic

Seattle Seahawks

Kirk and his MAT were able to get my shoulder back to 100% full range of motion and strength.

In Aug 2020 I crashed on a mountain bike at Silver Mountain, dislocating my shoulder and shattering my humerus, not so humorous.  After being released from surgery, my orthopedic surgeon said Kirk Bradshaw is the best in the business to get me back to 100% strength and to avoid the dreaded frozen shoulder.

Kirk and his MAT were able to get my shoulder back to 100% full range of motion and strength.  The consistent leaps with each session was so motivating, after a devastating injury,  to watch my shoulder with limited range gain range and strength each session.  I am back to all my activities skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, travel, riding horse pilates and barre. I am eternally grateful for Kirk’s extensive knowledge and skills in keeping me moving and living healthy!!!


Seattle, WA

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