What is the ADAPT Center?

If you have been around Athletic Training Institute lately, you’ve probably heard someone mention the ADAPT center. You may have also seen these odd-looking contraptions in use. If you are not familiar with ADAPT, we’d like to make an introduction. It is part of our facility that we truly believe can help all our clients.

The ADAPT center is home to a unique combination of therapies that were selected to assist our clients with recovery and offset stressors that we experience throughout training and daily life. We use these therapies for their proven outcomes of increased resiliency, health and performance.

What’s in the ADAPT Center?

Infrared Sauna: Infrared saunas combine specific wavelengths of light and heat to target tissues at a very deep level, beyond a traditional sauna. A typical session in the Infrared Sauna is 15-30 minutes. Benefits include increased metabolism, decreased muscle pain, improved detoxification, better sleep and blood flow to name a few.

Joov Light: No, it’s not just a light with a funny name. The power of light has an amazing effect on the human body. This red-light therapy deeply penetrates the body to improve skin, recovery, blood circulation, energy levels and sleep. It also can improve thyroid function and testosterone/hormone production. A typical session is 10-20 minutes.

NanoVi: The NanoVi augments the body’s natural ability to repair cells after damage associated with excess exercise and training. The device delivers a bio-identical signal through humidified air that is inhaled from a nasal cannula. The signal essentially boosts the amount of cell repair signals charging through your body for faster recovery. Each session takes about 15 minutes.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber: Hyperbaric oxygen chambers have been used for over 100 years. The chamber delivers 93% pure oxygen at a higher atmospheric pressure. There are many documented benefits, but some of the most prominent are: decreased inflammation, stem cell generation, accelerated healing, strengthened immunity, improved injury recovery, increased blood flow. Each session takes about 25-55 minutes.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy: PEMF (for short) helps offset damage caused by non-native electromagnetic fields and frequencies that humans encounter daily. From cell phones, wi-fi and smart devices all around us, humans are bombarded by these frequencies. A PEMF session helps recalibrate the body’s “battery” to a normal frequency. PEMF helps with circulation, decreases inflammation and symptoms associated with depression, insomnia, diabetes, muscle atrophy, arthritis and other degenerative diseases.

The goal of ADAPT is to assist in recovery and minimize inflammatory responses that lead to disease and degradation. With excessive activity, as with an athlete, these degradations happen more quickly and with harsher consequences. We want our clients to enjoy fulfilling careers, hobbies and sports as well as an increased quality of life. We can work with you to create an ADAPT program that perfectly compliments your training and recovery plan, to help you show up as your best and healthiest self.

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