Our Services

We work with athletes and individuals who aspire to be athletic to develop and maintain their potential utilizing the following techniques

MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques)

The essence of MAT is the detection and treatment of muscles that are not functioning properly. A malfunctioning muscle is one that is not contracting as it should and, as a result, limiting the full movement of the joint. Having treated a malfunctioning muscle, we then work on developing a client’s physical and mental capabilities as required of their particular athletic interests.

Performance Enhancement

The goal of performance enhancement is focused on helping people perform optimally in their respective sport, hobby, or line of work. This differs from traditional exercise because it is geared towards improving unique characteristics (speed, strength, explosiveness, etc.) as well as how a person’s bodycan handle the stress that their activity entails. This process is designed to improve the following: overall joint stabilization (the ability to control each joint through a range of motion), muscular strength (how much force a muscle canproduce), balance (control of one’s own center of mass), SAQ(speed, agility, and quickness), body awareness (sense of where your body is in space), and acceleration/deceleration (the ability to explode or slow down). Each of these avenues play a specific role in enhancing the capabilities of one’s body, and more importantly making a person more resilient to injury.

One on One Exercise

Exercise programs must be developed per the individual. However, it is currently being utilized as a sport rather than as a form of medicine within the Health and Fitness Industry. Exercise is meant to be built around the individual, their unique needs/goals and most importantly, their own body. While the majority of most humans look similar on the outside, any two people of equal size and proportions could have entirely different joint structures or muscle potentials. Thus, changing the optimal exercise selection between the two individuals. Also, traditional exercise is based around “how much weight” and “how many reps” without evaluating if that exercise is appropriate for that individual in the first place. There are not any magical exercises, nor are there “type’s” of exercise i.e. Pilates, Yoga, resistance training, Crossfit, Olympic lifting, power lifting, etc. Exercise should not be based around fads or trends. At the Athletic Training Institute exercise is formulated through ongoing investigations of what each
person can handle and what will optimize their program in order to help them reach their goal.

Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems is designed to develop customized Nutritional and Environment plans for those looking to optimize their health and performance. The Integrated Systems methodology seeks to augment the major Pillars of health, taking into consideration genetic variances, gut microbiome health, nervous system condition, and key blood biomarkers to provide personalized protocols for lifelong success. Thegoal is to optimize genetic expression and create a system more resilient to stress.