Imbibition: a process by which cartilage and joints stay healthy

What makes joints healthy?

Joints in the body are lined with cartilage, which is a type of connective tissue that can be found throughout the body and is nourished by synovial fluid. Synovial fluid is present in all joint cavities and is responsible for the movement of nutrients and waste products, like proteins and metabolites. Specifically, synovial fluid provides nourishment to cartilage through the process of imbibition.

What is imbibition?

Imbibition occurs when synovial fluid is forced into a joint when movement takes place, providing needed nutrition. This is why proper movement and exercise is critical for healthy joints, cartilage and ligaments require movement to get their nourishment.


To prevent joint degeneration, movement is essential. Many injuries are a product of repeated abnormal stresses which degrade joints. However, abnormal stresses on joints can be caused from a variety of factors such as poor posture and poor joint position. Thus, in order to have properly nourished cartilage and healthy joints, the muscular system needs to be functioning appropriately to provide correct joint position.



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