Grounding and Nature

We are constantly surrounded by different intensities of various electromagnetic frequencies. Certain intensities and lengths can be damaging to our body while others can be very healing.

The earth emits a specific electromagnetic field which can be measured and is similar to the frequency our body emits. The problem today is that many people do not get enough of these frequencies because they are disconnected from the earth. To offset the dirty electrical environment from microwave ovens, WIFI routers, phones, cell towers and the like, people need to clean themselves just like they normally do after a day of work. We can do this by walking barefoot on grass, swimming in body of water, working in the garden or using a PEMF device.

This is very important. Think of exposure to certain frequencies as a way to recharge your cellular batteries; healthy cells can be measured between 70-100 millivolts, while unhealthy cells vibrate less frequently. Getting exposure to the correct frequencies promotes health by helping increase the vibrational rates of cells.

Another benefit: Decrease Inflammation

Our body is always trying to maintain a negative net charge. Similarly, the earth is negatively charged, and when we take our shoes off and walk barefoot our bodies are able to absorb these free electrons from the earth. This has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect because free radicals are positively charged. When the body has an abundance of free electrons it can effectively neutralize the free radicals decreasing inflammation.

Make it a habit to get in nature as much as possible to surround yourself with healing frequencies and walk barefoot on the grass to absorb anti-inflammatory free electrons!

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