Kirk Bradshaw

  • Specializes in maximizing neurological threshold
  • Works with clients from all backgrounds seeking maximum performance
  • Founder Athletic Training Institute, MAT Rx, B.S. Biology Washington State University

Jenny Miller

  • Specializes in Pilates for fitness and rehabilitation supported with MAT
  • Works with individuals of all ages, athletic abilities and fitness levels
  • MAT Specialist, B.A. Physical Education, Pilates Certified

Austin Hall

  • Specializes in creating specific, individualizes exercises for people of all abilitylevels with the goal of increasing tolerance to specific forces on the body
  • Works with Athletes and general population how are looking to enhance the capabilities of their muscular system, as well as recovery from and/ or prevent injury
  • MAT Specialist, Resistance Training Specialist Mastery program completion, Working towards MAT and Resistance Training Specialist Certifications

Devin McKee

  • Specializes in Nutrition and Environment optimization with individuals to enrich each Pillar of Health and enhance: genetic expression, blood markers, gut health, nervous system function
  • Works with athletes and those seeking elite health and performance
  • ADAPT and Integrated Systems Manager, MAT Specialist, B.S. Psychology.

Darren Cobin

  • Specializes in training for improved strength, balance, energy, flexibility, and injury prevention
  • Works with busy professionals between 40 and 65 years old
  • MAT Masters Specialist, Precision Nutrition Level 1, Nutrition Coaching Institute Level 1 Mindset and Hormone Specialist

Arash Ranjbaran

  • Specializes in combat sports. Specifically, technical instruction, refinement ofskill sets, and specific strength and conditioning program creation
  • Works with combat sport athletes and people trying to expand their martial art skill set. Or use martial arts to improve health and fitness.
  • B.S. in Athletic Training, Muscle Activation Techniques Rx, Professional MMA Coaching

Rick Emerson

  • Specializes as physical, mental, and emotional coach
  • Works with anyone who wants to understand the process, and what it takes to apply knowledge into practical use for optimal recovery and adaptation for a fulfilling life
  • Muscle activation techniques Rx full body practitioner, B.S. Exercise Physiology CWU

Thomas Howes

  • B.S. Kinesiology WWU, MATs completed 2012, Current RTSs student
  • Athletic Development (water polo/swimming, tennis, soccer, baseball)
  • Post-injury return to sport. Works directly with Dr. Mimi Johnson, M.D. – Pediatric Sports Medicine (Kirkland, WA)
  • Geriatric strength, balance, and lifestyle training
  • Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Rain City Water Polo Club

Ben Dragavon

  • Specializes in health and wellness for people seeking to improve their lives, with an emphasis on rehabilitation from injury to return to sport and life.
  • Works with professional and youth athletes from a variety of sports in injury prevention, recovery, and athletic development.
  • B.S. Exercise and Sports Science, Pre-Physical Therapy, Muscle Activation Techniques, Resistance Training Specialist, US Soccer.

Kyle Goemmer

  • Specializes in athletic development with the goal of increasing on-field performance, building resilience to daily stresses, and helping people thrive.
  • Works with athletes seeking to perform at their highest level and individuals looking to discover what their body is capable of.
  • Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist, B.A. Sports Medicine

Terry Wilson

  • Specializes in athletic development.
  • Works with all individuals.
  • Muscle Activation Techniques.